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How to Choose the Right Ceiling Fan

When choosing a ceiling fan, the look and style are not the only important factors to consider. Selecting a fan that will produce maximum efficiency will produce the best results for the customer. There are many different factors that one needs to consider when purchasing a ceiling fan:

  • Size of the room: This is important when buying a ceiling fan, and some larger rooms may require installing two ceiling fans. Smaller rooms, such as a bedroom, would need a 30” ceiling fan whereas  larger rooms, such as family rooms and great rooms, require a 52” ceiling fan to gain maximum efficiency.
  • Electricity: Another important factor to consider when installing a ceiling fan is electricity. If a fan includes a light fixture, it is necessary to find out if the circuit can be used for both the fan and the light; if not, a new circuit must be run.
  • Quality: By choosing a good quality fan, you are gaining more efficiency and air circulation for the room. A low quality fan can wobble and not provide the maximum circulation of air. A good quality fan will have a motor that contains more power and is strong enough to handle air resistance.
  • Blades: Fan blades can help to determine the amount of air circulated in a room. The brackets attached to the blade should be held at a 12-15 degree angle; however, as the angle of the blade increases, the air circulation in the room increases. Finally, blades need to have enough weight to avoid the fan wobbling.

Ceiling fans today are lighter and much more energy-efficient. Both indoors and outdoors, ceiling fans are able to keep air circulating and provide comfort to your home during all seasons.

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Posted on: May 2nd, 2014