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When To Hire An Electrician

When you have problems in your house, you might feel that you have no other choice but to tackle the predicament yourself. While you’re not alone, it can sometimes be dangerous for homeowners to attempt a repair themselves if they are untrained in the area. Sure, it’s no big deal to fix some minor damages yourself, but with other instances it can sometimes be risky – like with electric work. Learn more about when it’s in your best interest to hire an electrician for the job.

  • When your electric bill is out of control. If you believe that your statement is much higher than it should be but are unsure why, this is a good time to bring in an electrician. They will be able to evaluate the energy efficiency of your home and recommend any upgrades and replacements that could lead to lower power usage.
  • When you need to add new outlets. This is definitely not a task you want to attempt on your own. Power outlets require a professional running out wires in a very specific way, which means that electricians are the only experts trained properly for the job. Attempting this project on your own can possibly lead to a fire if done incorrectly.
  • When your lights are flickering. If you notice that your lights are flickering even after replacing the bulbs, then you should contact a professional. There are a number of possible solutions to fix this issue, but only a trained electrician will be able to track down and find the source of this problem – which could be poor wiring or a faulty fixture.
  • When you have hanging and exposed wires. Sometimes wires can be left out and dangling after a renovation, which is dangerous – you never want to leave electrical wires out in the open as this can present a fire hazard. An electrician will be able to assess the situation and properly attach the wires to structural framing.
  • When your microwave causes a circuit breaker trip. Since modern microwaves can emit a high wattage of power, the use of them in an older home might result in a circuit breaker trip. If this is happening every time you use the microwave, then you will need to hire an electrician to upgrade or add a circuit to accommodate the power.

Don’t take the risk of attempting to repair any of these issues, call the trained electricians at A1 Dayton Electric.

Posted on: March 1st, 2016