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Dayton Electric: Childproofing Room By Room

It’s Child Safety Month! As parents your instinct is to protect your child from any harm. With only two eyes, two hands and countless distractions, this isn’t a mindless task. You have to be “on” at all times when you’re with your child because kids are notorious for wandering, touching things they shouldn’t and trying to get into anything and everything especially at home. Kids are such curious beings, but you can lessen some of your worries by doing simple things around the house to prevent accidents.
Here are some ways you can childproof your home room by room!

Living Room
• Use safety gates on any stairs.
• Make sure there is working smoke detector.
• Place knob covers on doors leading to places children shouldn’t go.
• Clean up any clutter your child can trip over to prevent tripping.
• Place protective covers over any outlet and make sure all electrical supplies, components, and parts are out of the way.

• Unplug all appliances when they’re not in use.
• Don’t leave any chairs or stepstools near the stove.
• Place knob protectors on the stove/oven knobs and a latch on the handle.
• Make sure all sharp objects and silverware are locked away.
• Keep alcohol, medicine and plastic bags out of reach.

• Make sure the crib slates aren’t too far apart.
• Make sure changing tables/beds have a safety rail.
• Do not place soft bedding or stuffed animals in the crib.
• Secure the dresser and its drawers so it cannot be pulled down or knocked over.
• Tie up curtain or blind cords so they are out of reach.

• Razors and scissors should be locked away.
• Keep the toilet lid closed.
• Unplug hairdryers and hot irons.
• Place nonslip stickers on the bottom of the bathtub.
• Place all toiletries out of reach.

• Secure all patio furniture or toys to surfaces.
• Cover trash cans to prevent kids from rifling through them.
• Keep walkways clear of toys or clutter.
• Fix any cracks or divots in the sidewalks.
• Lock yard gates at all times, particularly around pools.

Accidents happen, which makes taking precautions is a necessary step to ensure your child’s safety. Most child related injuries and accidents happen at home. Though childproof latches and locks can be quite annoying day after day, your child’s safety is the priority. Use this checklist to start double checking the safety measures you have taken in your home this month!

Posted on: June 20th, 2016